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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Murder - She Zined

Do you love Murder She Wrote? I do! It has been one of my favourite television
shows since childhood as my Grandma used to tape it (yes to VHS video)
and we would watch it during the school holidays. I have no
idea how many times I have seen the episodes but it is a lot.

One of my friends even calls me Jessica! This is my collection of DVDS.
I was super excited to come across this zine on
Facebook by Amber is Blue and I ordered my copy.
It arrived last night and I sat down and read it straight away. Momo checked it out too :-)
As I read, I could picture some of the episodes with flashes of Jessica
or her nephew Grady jumping right off the page. It was fun!
Amber is right; MSW and Jessica Fletcher are the best!

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