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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Unplug : Be More : With Less :

Do you start conversations with 'I know we are busy but'? Do you always feel tired and like you are always trying to catch up? Is your life or the lives' around you controlled by technology? Are you always plugged in?


I have felt like this for the last couple of years - at work and at home. I admit that I am the sort of person who overcommits because I want to make people happy. However last year I realised that although making other people happy makes me happy, it really doesn't matter if I rush to finish knitting those scarves as I haven't spoiled the surprise by telling anyone that I was even making them! After a bit of soul searching, I have taken a step back over the past six months. I have taken a step for me.

Here are four things to think about and to work towards changing. It really will help!

Stop talking about being busy:
If you keep talking about being busy then you will not break the cycle. Try to lessen the use of the word 'busy' in your vocabulary and encourage others to do the same.

Take back your mornings (or evenings):
Getting up earlier to do something for you is recommended by so many people but it is easier said than done when you are not a morning person like me! On the weekends I endeavour to start each day with a cuppa to wake myself up in tranquillity - to be ready to start the day. I admit that I am a snooze alarm person so my weekdays are up and out the door. However that does not mean that I can't take a moment for myself during the weekday - I do it in the evenings now instead. This can be a few minutes or few hours. I attempt to lose myself in a movie, magazine, listening to music, or by pottering around the house.

Be better prepared with your meals:
One of my important aims this year is to lose some weight. This means meal planning. In only a short time, I have already found that this has made me more organised and less chaotic. Taking the same lunch a few days each week takes the worry out of it and also saves you money. Also try to plan a few simple meals for dinner during the week. More complicated and yummy treats can be cooked on your weekend. This will keep you well nourished - body and soul.
Social media and the television tell us that everyone is addicted to technology and that we spend exorbitant hours of our days plugged in. I am guilty of this too. Do you really need to constantly chat to people about nothing? Do you really need to scroll and scroll? I have been limiting my time by unfollowing things that do not really interest me. Also by putting the smartphone down when I am enjoying a movie or the like. The time you do spend on the internet becomes more interesting when you are more selective about what you watch, see, and listen to.

The exciting thing is that I am not the only one who reaps the rewards from these changes! My family, friends, and colleagues do too! By slowing down and unplugging I have actually become more connected.

Do not feel selfish about taking time for yourself. Self-care is super significant in terms of living a healthier life. Don't look at it as being selfish. Instead you are being selective about your busyness. You are stopping the glorification of busy. Take a breath and try it!!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love this post here, it's so important to try and slow down and feel more on top of things. As you saw from my post I've been trying to develop an evening habit of sitting quietly reading and praying, which is harder now I'm back at work. I'm also aspiring to get back to meal planning, this really helps me to stick to a healthy diet. The other thing that helps me go slow and not freak out is uncluttered surfaces, easier said than done with adult children sometimes ... btw scrolling through your blogI love the photos of your shoes!

    1. Thanks Fiona! Keeping an uncluttered surface is really important to feel more on top of things and feel motivated. I try to keep my desk tidy at work because of this. But as you said, easier said than done! I have been taking photos of shoes to mark occasions for many years. If you would like to follow my blog I am sure you will see a lot more! Happy 2018!