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Sunday, 29 October 2017

How to make Plarn (plastic yarn)

Collect recycled plastic bags of different sizes, colours and patterns. 
Ensure that the bags are clean.

Flatten them out, following the individual bag's original creases.

Gather your supplies. You need something to cut with and a ruler.

Fold a side edge of the bag approximately 3cm and continue to fold till you reach the other edge. Flatten as you go. 


Cut off the lower end off the bag and dispose of the scrap.
Cut 2cm pieces of the bag, all the way till the handles. Dispose of the handle scraps.

Unfold the 2cm pieces. You will notice that each piece is a loop.

Join two pieces together by making a slip knot.
Continue until all of your pieces are in a long string of plarn.


Roll up your plarn into a ball.

 Ready to use!
Time to crochet or knit away!


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