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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Pokémon Go-Go

Are you or has your family and friends been wild over Pokémon for the past year since the Pokémon Go mania took hold? Need some Pokémon themed ideas for crafty presents? Check out what I made last year! You could make some too!

The boy really wanted a Pokémon Go themed birthday party. His wish was my command. I crocheted Poke Balls for each of the party bags and decorated the party bags to match. You can get the crochet pattern for the balls here.

I was inspired at Christmas time and made decorations for our tree. I bought white baubles and used glitter paint to create the desired effect. Then adhere a gem on the front with glue. Head to the $2 shop for your supplies and these make great presents.

There were little figures all over the house so I thought about upcycling jars to make Poke Ball Jars. Wash your recycled jars and paint the lids with acrylic paints. They are fun and can be taken on-the-go - Pokémon Go!

Lastly, I made a Poke Terrarium using a store bought glass vase, fake flowers, little figures and hot glue. Don’t burn yourself… (I may have…)  

Fun things to Pokémon Go-Go!

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